Swirl Bakery

Swirl Bouquets and Cakes

These bouquets are the perfect gift for any occasion.  They are available in three different flavours (Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet) and can be customized with any colour you like.

A 3-tier cake with deliciously moist carrot cake layers separated by a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting. Available plain or with chopped walnuts.

A double layer of moist red velvet cake with a silky soft cream cheese center and topped with white chocolate shavings.


A 4 tiered chocolate & vanilla cake with layers of soft chocolate buttercream and rahash. The cake is then covered with a silky smooth layer of rich chocolate ganache and rahash.

3 layers of moist coffee cake and toasted walnuts in-between layers of light coffee buttercream. The cake is then topped with a smooth coffee glaze and walnuts.

A soft aromatic pineapple cake, covered in layers of creamy coconut frosting and topped with toasted coconut and crystallized pineapples.


Smooth rich chocolate frosting and moist chocolate cake make for an irresistible combination! Classic chocolate cake at its best.

These summer bouquets will reflect the beauty of summer with bright and vibrant colors and different flowers. Colors ranging from orange, green, pink, yellow and blue, no two bouquets will ever be the same!


Layers of soft vanilla cake between a rich chocolate ganache, nutella & oreo filling makes this cake truly irresistible!


Layers of vanilla & chocolate cake with silky chocolate buttercream and then topped with a delicious vanilla frosting and sweet chocolate chip cookies.


Layers of Vanilla cake between sweet caramel frosting and coated with a light vanilla butter cream frosting and caramel goodness.