Swirl Bakery

Swirl Cupcakes

A fragrant cupcake made with the finest Ceylon tea blend and spices, this cupcake is served best with a cup of hot tea.

A light and moist cupcake made with fresh carrots and our secret ingredient!  It is topped with a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts.

A wonderful twist with traditional ingredient.  These moist cupcakes are baked with real dates and are the perfect accompaniment to Gahwa!


A classic cupcake baked with rich chocolate and topped with a vanilla butter-cream frosting.

A sweet cupcake made with ripe bananas and a hint of cinnamon.  Topped with a light butter cream frosting and cinnamon dust.

A moist chocolate fudge cupcake topped with a light peanut butter frosting and chocolate fudge drizzle.


Simplicity at its best. The basic vanilla cupcake is always a crowd pleaser.  Ask for special colored sprinkles!

A moist and fluffy cupcake with a deep red colour, topped with a light cream cheese frosting.  One is never enough!

A moist and delicate mixture of cinnamon and sugar in a baked doughnut!  You really can’t go wrong with these amazing bites.


A delicious moist chocolate cupcake with a creamy Nutella at the heart and silky chocolate at the top.

A modern twist on a traditional dessert! These light cupcakes are infused with the fresh aromas of Saffron and Cardamon. Available by pre-order only.

Light and fragrant cupcake made with fresh pistachios and rose water. Available by pre-order only.


Our yummy pistachio cupcakes, but even better! A complete coating of semi-sweet chocolate makes this dessert delectable. Available by pre-order only.

Our classic agaili cupcakes dipped in semi-sweet chocolate. Available by pre-order only.

Deliciously moist sticky caramel cupcakes! These cupcakes are soft, full of flavor and drizzled with our very own caramel syrup!


Don’t miss out on our delicious take on baklawa cupcakes! Soft cake filled with yummy honey roasted nuts and a light frosting makes this cupcake one of a kind!